Sunday , 2 August 2015

How To Steal Your Competitors Best Keywords


In this video I’m demonstrating how you can find and steal your competitors most profitable keywords. Keyword research can be a long and boring task, even with a great keyword tool like Long Tail Pro, which I review here. So what if you could eliminate the need to do your own research at all, and simply utilise all the hard ... Read More »

Top 9 Shameful SEO Techniques

common seo mistakes

So in this post I wanted to point out some of the most common SEO mistakes you might be making. SEO can be time consuming, expensive & frustrating, especially if you don’t achieve the results you expected. It can be even more frustrating, not knowing where you are going wrong and therefore not being able to correct your campaign accordingly. ... Read More »

How To Reduce Your Sites Bounce Rate By 33.5%

reduce bounce rate

In the vast majority of cases, if you own a website, you want visitors to explore it fully. The potential benefits of visitors staying on the site and browsing it extensively include an increased likelihood of generating sales, higher advertising revenue, a greater chance of visitors contributing to the website, and more. As a result, it is important to reduce ... Read More »

Top 10 Free SEO Tools & Internet Marketing Software

free seo tools and software

Everyone likes something for free right? I know I do! Below is a list of 10 of the best free SEO Tools and internet marketing software money can’t buy. Yep that’s right, time to put your wallets and purses away for a change and take a look at the tools that can help build your online business free of charge. SERPFOX  ... Read More »