7 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks That Just Work!


Staining or soiling the carpet once in a while is inevitable. However, there are seven tricks that you can use to get rid of the stain.

The 7 Carpet Cleaning Tricks

1. Before you can clean the carpet, use a sponge to absorb any excess liquid to avoid spreading the stain. If it is a sticky substance like chocolate, scrape off what you can. Use water and soap in equal measure to scrub the area and rinse it using warm water.

2. Get rid of gum by using ice wrapped in a towel. Place it on the gum and then scrap it off.

3. For nail polish, use a piece of cloth dipped in clear acetone to blot it.

4. According to Carpet Cleaning North Las Vegas greasy foods are removed by scrapping off what you can and then place a paper towel over it. Use the iron over the towel to absorb the grease. A mixture of soap, vinegar, and water ensure your carpet is spotless.

5. cleaning of coffee and stains from most other foods is by blotting the stain and the cleaning with club soda.


6. Pet poops are removed by scraping what you can and rinsing with club soda.

7. Remove makeup by dampening the spot and rubbing it with dish soap.

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