How To Clean An Area Rug


A lot can go into making a house a home and while carpeting may be common in most houses as it is, an area rug brings a true touch of individuality to a space.

Maintenance of the two differs slightly and the correct application of these methods to clean a rug will also guarantee it remains in good condition for longer.

Similarly to cleaning carpeted areas, it is essential to first remove loose debris by shaking the rug outside before proceeding to vacuuming the area rug on both sides.

Regular Vacuuming of all area rugs will help the rug maintain the vibrancy of its colour and up-keep the quality of the fiber and material.

Depending on the care label on the specific area rug, you will be able to determine whether your area rug requires dry cleaning or can be spot-cleaned manually.

Some small area rugs may be machine-washable, however long fringing may cause tangling and loss of shape.

To effectively clean area rugs, you may want to choose the most appropriate cleaning product for your rug, which can easily be bought over-the-counter.

Rug cleaning London advise that to ensure your area rug is colorfast and will not be damaged by the product, test a small area first.

Proceed to applying the carpet-cleaning solution and rub according to directions given on the label.


Using rubber gloves and a brush with medium to hard bristles, rub in the product and let it sit for a few minutes before blotting with a wet cloth or softer bristle brush until you remove excess product completely.

Repeat this method on the rest of the rug and finish off by vacuuming the entire area rug to restore the fiber back to normal, letting it air-dry for as long as required, preferably placing larger rugs outdoors if possible.

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