DIY Plumbing Skills That Can Save You From A Disaster!


Fixing your plumbing at home is a great DIY project. It can save you a lot of money because you need not hire a master plumber.

However, while some problems can be fixed, DIY plumbing can turn into a disaster if you are not careful.

When working for your DIY project, you should also need to have some DIY plumber skills to be successful. Listed below are the DIY plumbers’ skills and knowledge that you need to attain to avoid unexpected troubles.

1. Knowing the shut-off location

One of the basic skills that you need to practice, especially for tasks that involve tightening of toilets is to know where the shut-off valves are. Shut-off valves are the safety valves used to close a line.Each of your water amenities in the house can have its specific shut-off valve.


It is critical to turning them off before starting your DIY project, however, if you are unsure where the precise shut-off is located, you can turn off the main shut-off that is usually located in the place where the water line enters the house.

2. Sweating copper pipe

In the world of modern plumbing, this is one of the most important skills that you need to learn. Knowing how to sweat copper pipe is an essential skill required for small fixes and adding valves. To begin with, all you have to do is prepare a solder, flux, a small torch, and a few pieces of copper pipe.

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In the process, you first need to clean the copper, add the flux, heat the joint, and apply the solder.

3. Planning a plumbing system

Knowledge of plumbing is the great asset that will help you map out your plumbing system in your house. Some of the important points in plumbing that you need to know for the home include the function of the pipe, a size of drain lines, and the size of pitch a waste pipe requirements.

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