If your car breaks down and you’re a long way from home, you could find yourself stranded. Fortunately, by keeping up with services and knowing what to do when your car malfunctions, you stand a better chance of getting back on the road in no time.

More Reliable

One benefit of modern cars is that they tend to be a lot more reliable than most older cars, so they break down less often. On the other hand, this means today’s drivers are generally less adept and less experienced when it comes to fixing a broken car.

Automotive Or Breakdown Assistance?

Joining an automotive club or roadside assistance program can provide invaluable aid in the event of a breakdown. It’s also beneficial if you carry around the number of a tow truck company like Towing Company Spokane WA.

If your car does break down and you’re in an unfamiliar area, it’s advisable to stay with the car rather than wandering off, as rescuers are more likely to locate the car itself. Thanks to advances in telecommunications, most drivers will now have mobile phones with them so won’t need to leave the car to find a phone line.

If you have reason to think you might be stranded at some point – if heading into desert or mountainous regions, for example – you can also carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), which can be bought for around $500 from outdoor supply shops. It may be a large investment upfront, but could help rescue arrive much sooner.

If your car does break down on a desert road, you could run the risk of dehydration when leaving the vehicle, even for as little as 10 minutes. Alternatively, if you’re trapped in the snow, you might need to get out and clear snow away from your exhaust that could be interfering with your attempts to start your vehicle, provided you wrap up warm when stepping outside.

Basic Car Repair

A little knowledge goes a long way, and you can teach yourself basic car repair relatively easily, whether using a guidebook, internet how-to guide or enlisting the help of a friend or relative in the know. Knowing how to repair a car involves everything from changing a tire to windshield chip repair, making sure your car is in a fit state to get to the nearest service centre for professional technicians to take a look at it.

One common problem that causes cars to break down temporarily is the engine overheating. If your car does overheat, pull over and give it up to an hour to cool down before attempting to fix the radiator, as hot steam could prove hazardous.