Any time you change jobs (or your job changes around you), stress follows. Usually, during the transition, there’s a period of chaos, and it can be daunting to feel like you’re at the top of your game.

Whether you’ve started a new job, transferred to another department inside the same company or gotten a new boss, here are seven tips to put you in the winner’s circle.

Create a positive atmosphere inside your head

You’ll weather the uncertainty better if you have a clear image in your mind of yourself as the competent, experienced professional you have shown yourself to be. Keep a list of your accomplishments in your briefcase and take it out to remind yourself what you’re capable of doing. Know the value you bring to the organization. Reminding yourself of past successes can help you stay afloat and keep your spirits high.

Start tracking all your new successes and accomplishments

Start a list and add to it every time something goes right. This is not only important for keeping your spirits high; it will also be essential when you’re preparing for your performance review. Don’t trust your memory make a list!

Expect the unexpected

Mentally prepare yourself for the need to rethink, reframe and respond with flexibility to change around you. Your job, your boss or the company itself may not be as it was advertised. Let go of anger and frustration, and deal with the situation on the ground. Begin by collecting as much information as you can, and by observing others see how they respond.

Develop allies and create your support network

Get to know as many people as you can, and make it easy for them to like you. Go out of your way to help out, be positive, acknowledge others hard work, and build trust. Listen to your allies when they give you information, advice, and referrals. Listen to what others are saying and filter that information to assess the situation and the people you work with. Return favors, thank people and be a team player, and your network will prosper.

Stay connected outside your new company

You may hear information that is valuable to your new company, or meet people who can mentor or advise you. If the new job doesn’t work out, your external network can help you find the next position. Empowered people realize that “Who you know creates the opportunity to prosper from what you know.”

Self-confidence is a need to work for yourself

It gives you vitality and air that you realize what you are doing, regardless of the possibility that you may not constantly. It is likewise part of the attitude that we just discussed. Acting naturally confident will encourage your inspirational attitude and your uplifting attitude will make you appear to be more self-confident.

Great hierarchical abilities are an unquestionable requirement for entrepreneurs

Regardless of if you are a sole proprietor or you have many representatives, you should be sorted out to meet customer due dates, make the best possible records for tax purposes and remaining focused of requesting stock and materials. On the off chance that anybody of these things, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, escapes everyone’s notice, your business is most likely stuck in an unfortunate situation. Keep focused of what should be finished.