Recently, the local government agency, TFL (transport for London), has made a rule that requires all black cab drivers in London to accept card payments from passengers.

Prior to this time, only about a half of the black drivers were willing to accept card payments but this new rule now makes it compulsory.

The agency also stated that the move will be extended to New York where card payments have been accepted for some years.

This move has been received warmly as a prior consultation conducted saw that more than 80 percent of the respondents supporting the move.

This ruling doesn’t involve private hire companies, so if you intend to get a minicab Peckham you probably won’t have the option to pay by card.

Even the mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, welcomed it as great news and also stated that “it is an essential part modern life”.

Now, transport in London has taken a new turn; passengers would henceforth, pay for their journeys by just swiping a card and this would surely make commuting easier and faster.